Julie Yoder is the Founder and Lead Teacher at English with Purpose, a private English language instruction company that helps international professionals overcome their language and cultural challenges and communicate with confidence through face to face and online courses.

Julie started her business over 12 years ago after teaching English as a second language for years. Ultimately, burnout led to a decision to start out on her own when she discovered a gap in the market for professionals who desired to find a convenient way to improve their language skills. For years she worked her schedule around her clients’ needs with her individual coaching sessions.

After 10 years, her schedule had become untenable and she wanted to improve her service level to her clients. She went back to her client base and asked “What do you need most?” Client discovery is never done and after an analysis of her clients’ needs, as well as her own, she found herself rebranding her company and refining her services as English with Purpose.

When asked what she wants to share with fellow entrepreneurs about her ability to navigate over 12 years in business, her answer was simple – “Stay grounded in your vision.”

To learn more about Julie’s journey, watch our video below: