Emily Strulson is an abstract expressionist painter.  Her art focuses on the exploration of patterns tied to emotions.  Specifically, seeing similarities in celebrations and conflict within natural cycles as well as life experiences. The work itself is unstructured, spontaneous and abstract featuring intense colors.

Strulson draws from her personal experiences with her students – specifically their uninhibited nature, the natural world and love for other cultures to create her work. She believes there is an interconnectedness amongst people and the environment.  Moreover, that our relationships with each other and the world we live in is paramount to the way in which we experience life.

Emily started painting realism and researching African art at St. Lawrence University. This traditional art education coupled with a Masters of Arts at Catholic University became the cornerstone of her practice that evolved into abstract painting.  She has taught art for 10 years to children in public and private schools.

Watered down acrylic paints and pastels applied to watercolor paper are used in Strulson’s work. The interaction of these materials reflects the juxtaposition of a very precise medium against a chaotic design. The layering of paint represents the feeling of being immersed in the work with the hope of conveying a message.

Strulson is passionate about abstract expressionism because of the spontaneity of the process and emotional connection to the viewer.  This style of art asks the viewer for a reaction.  In this case, to stop moving and pay attention to the moment.

View Emily’s work at Hera Hub DC, contact Julia Westfall to schedule an appointment at julia@herahub.com