How much would you be willing to spend to grow your business?

To be a part of a diverse and thriving community, devoted to boosting and supporting fellow business owners?

With Hera Hub DC you can do it for less than $100/month!

But what comes with that membership?

Two of our members’ favorite programs are our Business Boosters with our Feedback Fridays!

This past Wednesday our Business Booster session was hosted by Hera Hub DC member, Nana Kufuor, the owner of Soundeazy.

Her topic was “Podcasting 101”.

For a solid hour, Nana shared tips with members on launching a podcast. She gave an overview of the podcasting industry, shared her professional wisdom on tech and platforms, and even shared a comprehensive checklist for members to use if they decide they want to start a podcast.

This is followed by an hour of one-on-one feedback from Nana in our Feedback Friday session. This is where Nana will answer specific questions from members about:

  • their podcasts
  • podcast ideas
  • tech issues, and more.

In total Nana will share over $150 worth of information for each participant.

And this is only one week and just two of the programs we offer!

We do this every week around a different business topic.

This means you could get over $500 worth of consulting for less than $100/month!

But we don’t stop there.

As a member of Hera Hub, you get access to our member resources library where we share recordings of all the Business Boosters and Feedback Friday sessions.

In previous sessions we’ve covered:

  • branding
  • marketing
  • sales
  • social media
  • content strategy
  • bookkeeping and tax prep
  • human resources
  • enhancing your LinkedIn presence
  • auditing your website

You name it, we’ve probably done it!

All with the intention of supporting our members as they grow and build their businesses.

At Hera Hub we offer over 80 hours a month of exclusive online, live programming to our members, even more if you count the recordings we’ve accumulated!

Check our Global Events Calendar to see for yourself!

As a Hera Hub member, you join a community that gives graciously of their time and expertise in support of each other.

How much is that worth to you and your business?

We know it can be hard to put a number on this type of support so we are offering it for only $89/month when you join our Virtual Membership.

Interested in learning more? Connect with Julia Westfall, Founder and CEO of Hera Hub DC, at! Or fill out the interest form here.