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Ever find it hard to focus on the things you “really” need to do in your business? Procrastinating on things like sales, client follow-up, proposal writing, or bookkeeping?
We are wired to be social creatures, and a little bit of connection can boost our motivation. Hop on Zoom with other awesome Hera Hub members for some accountability, while you knock out all the things you’ve been dragging your feet on!

1. Show up ON TIME and get matched with another Hera Hub memberβ€”your “business buddy.”
2. You will be moved into a breakout room to make brief introductions and claim what you will accomplish within the hour.
3. Go on mute but leave your camera on (if possible) for accountability.
4. We will all come back together in the main room 5 minutes before the close of the hour.

We were inspired by the platform –Β focusmate.com.

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