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2023 is right around the corner! Now that you’ve reviewed your 2022 numbers, it’s time to plan for the coming year and make some educated sales projections. 

We will be working through the 2nd section of this spreadsheet, so feel free to make yourself a copy and get a head start:


Here is a more detailed version of the year-in-review spreadsheet to help you analyze the state of your sales and make projections: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UQp9CensmZqP3x0ZVmj2AlKmPfKKYaIAMbgYDcF2PJI/edit?usp=sharing (Thanks Nikkie!)


Hera Hub’s Global Sales Support Sub-Hub is open to any Hera Hub members who would like support and accountability in driving sales and generating income in their business. This Sub-Hub meets on the 1st + 3rd Mondays from 10-11am. Join the conversation at facebook.com/groups/salessubhub. New members always welcome!

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