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Event link: https://fb.me/e/2wbXQBZCW

Cindy will lead us to “Set Healthy Boundaries” for an impactful week!  As women, we wear so many hats and do so much, often at our own expense. Join this session to learn easy ways to set healthy boundaries and get things done with ease! 

Dr. Cindy Tsai is a board-certified physician, author, keynote speaker, and life coach who loves helping unfulfilled high-achievers become inspiring success stories. As a physician, she saw the detrimental impacts of chronic stress on the body and wanted to do more than prescribe medications as a bandaid. Through her own healing journey, she has explored and trained in a wide range of therapeutic modalities and emphasizes wellness and caring for the person as a whole. Using mindfulness practices and her Inspiring Success Story MethodTM, she has developed a powerful blueprint to help professionals step beyond their comfort zones and dare to achieve their dreams. 

Every Monday, we tap our member base for coaches, instructors, and counselors to lead a 20-minute mindfulness exercise to center ourselves and mentally prepare for the coming week. Through meditation, breathwork, and even sound healing, we gather together to begin the week as a community with our intentions firmly in place.

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