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Carla is the founder of Carla Burdt Hypnotherapy. She specializes in hypnotherapy for emotional health and personal development including stress and anxiety management, confidence building, overcoming limiting beliefs and mental blocks, overcoming fears and phobias, weight loss and management, sexual empowerment and exploration, exam preparation, and overcoming test anxiety, and more. She is passionate about guiding her clients to achieve lasting results and incredible transformation by helping them access their inner resources and strength to create a greater sense of peace and empowerment in their lives. She serves clients in person at my Temecula office and online throughout the United States and globally.

Every Monday, we tap our member base for coaches, instructors, and counselors to lead a 20-minute mindfulness exercise to center ourselves and mentally prepare for the coming week. Through meditation, breathwork, and even sound healing, we gather together to begin the week as a community with our intentions firmly in place.

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