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Alison McLean is “The Wellness Practitioner’s Business Coach.”  She is a Physical Therapist, Yoga Therapist, Massage Therapist & Coach.  For decades, she’s helped hundreds of students overcome injury, pain and achieve their health goals.  She had a successful and profitable physical therapy and wellness clinic while leading classes, workshops and yoga trainings.

Her personal journey Lynch syndrome and a cancer diagnosis caused her to reevaluate not only the sustainability of her own business, but the whole wellness industry.

Her passion is to help other Wellness Practitioners grow their businesses sustainably, with profit, while still caring for their own health and enjoying life in the process.

Every Monday, we tap our member base for coaches, instructors, and counselors to lead a 20-minute mindfulness exercise to center ourselves and mentally prepare for the coming week. Through meditation, breathwork, and even sound healing, we gather together to begin the week as a community with our intentions firmly in place.

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