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Event link: https://fb.me/e/73EzsBHPG

Let’s get our creative juices flowing for 2023! Join Felena Hanson for two weeks of fun creative flow!

Kick-off: Tuesday, January 10th, 10am-11am PT
Wrap-up: Tuesday, January 24th, 10am-11am PT

Daily prompts will be given but you are encouraged to do what feels right for you. You will be partnered with a creative trio for accountability and support.

We encourage you to use the marketing sub-hub group to share your creativity throughout the challenge and we will wrap up on Tuesday, January 24th to discuss any breakthroughs and how this creative state might help you in your business.


Everyone is always looking for the next big idea, but perhaps we’ve been doing it all wrong. Perhaps all we need to to stop doing. Instead of constantly seeking out the next big idea… let that insight come to you.

According to Psychology Today, creative problem-solving sessions with people who had been training in creativity tools generated 350% more ideas than groups without even minimal training. Moreover, these ideas are generally 415% more original.

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