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In this week’s Business Booster, Tara Hissen demonstrated how to influence others by tapping into your representational system — and the system of the person with whom you are trying to connect.

Got a question on how you might be able to use representational systems in your business? Or how your communication and learning styles can adapt to improve your business?

Using representational systems can help you overcome objections from potential clients as well as build rapport.
Tara will be available to answer all of your questions on how utilizing predicates in conversations helped people build better rapport with clients and potential clients.

**If you missed the Business Booster, no worries. Here is the PDF Tara shared, including the self-test on how to discover your own representational system:



Tara is a Performance Coach and NLP Practitioner, who helps people learn how to use the power of their minds to grow and scale their businesses. Her specialty is helping 6-figure entrepreneurs grow to 7 figures by reprogramming their reality. Tara left the corporate world in 2018 to pursue her passion and mission of helping women transform their lives and get clear on what’s blocking them from reaching their true potential. Learn more at EvolvewithTara.com and IG @evolvewithtara.

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