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In this week’s Business Booster, Roni McGuire walked us through an assessment of our 2022 goals and helped us plan for the remainder of the year. She also guided us through a Future Self Exercise to help us us manifest our future selves today. 

How are you doing with the Future Self Exercise? Do you have questions about developing your vision and putting it into action? Perhaps you are perceiving road blocks or are having a hard time manifesting your future self. Roni will be available to help you strategize how to finish up 2022 on a high note!


Roni McGuire is a former Wall Street executive turned Business and Mindset Coach. She combines her business knowledge with her powerful intuitive gifts, motivating others to take action and follow their dreams in life and work. She helps her clients create a plan for their businesses and lives using a process she calls the Motifesting™ Method. Learn more at ShineOnandGlow.com.

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