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Who is your ideal client? Do you REALLY understand your ideal clients on a deeper level? You will attract more of this type of person when you understand deeply who that person actually is. Join us to learn how to define your ideal client, why this is important, and get feedback on who you are attracting. 

Here are some wonderful resources from our Coaches Sub Hub facilitators to get your juices flowing before our meeting:

1. Alison Mclean’s recent podcast “Why You Should Spend Time Thinking About Your Ideal Client & What To Think About” – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ignite-ur-wellness/id1477774282?i=1000582301422
2. Lisane Basquiat’s Business Booster on Creating your Client Avatar: https://herahubcarlsbad.spaces.nexudus.com/blog/1414870928/creating-your-ideal-customer-avatar-with-lisane-basquiat
3. Slides accompanying Lisane’s slide presentation:


*This event is open to any Hera Hub member nationwide who considers herself a “coach” or “wellness practitioner” and works with individuals in a coaching, guidance, or teaching capacity.*
Common challenges exist regardless of what type of coach you are, including lead generation; client management; marketing; bookkeeping; group instruction; program development, etc.

Join us monthly every 3rd Wednesday for a brief educational presentation followed by Q&A and masterminding. The structure of our meetings will be as follows: 
– 5-10min – Intro (“My name is __ and I help ___.”) + monthly wins
– 10-15min – Member-led presentation
– 15-25min – Q&A/discussion on presentation topic and any other areas where members need help
– 5-7min – Set intentions for coming month. Decide topic for next meeting.

Before you sign into Zoom, we suggest the following preparation to maximize your participation in the meeting:

  • Pause and reflect on your business …
  • What has worked for you in the past month and why?
  • What hasn’t worked for you in the past month and why?
  • What would you do differently in the coming month? 
  • What are some positive steps you can take in the coming month?

 **We also have a Global Coaches Sub-Hub Facebook group in which you can ask questions, share resources, and get to know the other coaches: facebook.com/groups/coachessubhub. New members always welcome! 

**Meetings: 3rd Wednesdays, 10-11am PT. (Facilitated by Alison McLean, Ignite Ur Wellness Biz & Lisane Basquiat, Hera Hub Carlsbad)

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