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*This event is open to any Hera Hub member nationwide who considers herself a “coach” and works with individuals in a coaching, guidance, leadership, or consulting capacity.*
 Common challenges exist regardless of what type of coach you are, including client acquisition, intake, and management; marketing; bookkeeping; workshop hosting; business development, and more.
 Join us for our monthly Coaches Mastermind, in which we will use a timed “current challenge -> group feedback -> plan moving forward” format for everyone in the room to mastermind their coaching business issues with the group. There will also be opportunities for mock presentations to receive constructive criticism from the other coaches in the room.
 If you do not have a specific issue to discuss with the group, that’s OK – come on by and share your expertise or simply start by listening in!
 **We also have a Global Coaches Sub-Hub Facebook group in which you can ask questions, share resources, and get to know the other coaches: facebook.com/groups/coachessubhub. New members always welcome!

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