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One way to stand out is to create your own signature program that is a representation of your unique philosophies, values, and processes all combined to allow your clients to achieve their goals (and rave about you in the process).

In this Business Booster with Dr. Alison Mclean, DPT, ERYT, you will create the basics of a signature program that lights you up. This program will be one that you look forward to selling, and can easily describe so your potential clients know exactly why they need it. 

Alison will walk you through:
-How long should your program be
-What you should charge
-Whether you should conduct a group or 1:1 program
-The components of your program
-How your program fits with your existing offers

By the end of the Booster, you will have created the foundation of your unique program, with next steps on how to market and sell it. Then join us for Feedback Friday for questions on marketing and selling your program so you can book out your schedule and create more revenue!
Dr. Alison Mclean DPT, ERYT is the Wellness Entrepreneur’s Business Coach. She is a Physical Therapist, Yoga Therapist, Massage Therapist & Coach.She is known for bringing a holistic approach to business coaching, because she believes that real “success” is about much more than numbers. Rather, it’s about feeling productive and profitable in your business, present and relaxed at home, and vibrant and energetic in your body. Learn more at IgniteUrWellness.com.

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