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Business Boosters are weekly workshops on relevant business-related topics led by Hera Hub members. 
You finally bit the bullet and downloaded TikTok… and now what? This growing social platform isn’t going anywhere, so what can YOU do to use it to the advantage of your business and professional endeavors?
This week’s Business Booster is an informal sharing and Q&A session. We are inviting Hera Hub members who are successfully using TikTok in different ways to screenshare their profiles with us and provide some insight into their unique strategies. Maresa Friedman, Kendra Williams and Rachel Pulido will be sharing their TikTok wins, tips they’ve picked up along their journeys, and answering your questions about how you and your business might fit into this algorithm.
Then return for Feedback Friday this week for a “how to TikTok” tutorial from our very own social media coordinator Logan!

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