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The modern experience of B2C holds brands to a standard that demands: authenticity, relatability, and trust. People crave connection, so they loyally support brands that deliver on that standard. The relationship between a brand and its community is like that between girlfriends; it should be nurtured, invested in, and cherished with respect. Curating a brand presence through creative strategy shows our community that we are “ride or die” “BFFL” (“Best Friend For Life”) material. 

Through photography and video, we can intentionally craft a spirit and energy behind our brands that our target consumers and community will connect, engage, and bond with. In this Business Booster, you’ll learn how to develop creative strategies rooted in storytelling for your brand from an experienced creative director for women-led brands. 

Your host is Danni Velasquez, owner and creative director of Velamora. She has 10 years’ experience in the creative industry. Velamora is a female owned & operated creative studio working with other brands led by women for women. She offers storyful & spirited photography, video, animation, & art direction with a feminist streak that celebrates, represents, and shifts the narratives and visuals that women receive from media and brands. Velamora is also a full-service creative studio for select brands. Learn more at Velamora.com.

** No Feedback Friday this week, but if you’d like to connect 1:1 with Danni to go over questions or receive creative direction, you can book some time with her https://calendly.com/velamora/business-booster-feedback.

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