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Automate your Sales Cycle: Make your tech stack work for you w/ Liz Peterson

In this Business Booster, Liz Peterson will walk you through the fundamentals of automations and integrations using Zapier, Calendly, Pipedrive, Jotform, and PandaDoc.

Automation is something we’ve all heard about, but what can it actually do for your business? And where do you even begin? If a task only takes you a couple of minutes, is it even worth automating? The answer is “Yes!” This session will be all about making your tech stack work FOR you and how automation will save you time while improving your customers’ experience.

In this session you’ll learn:
– Automation principles to live by
– The difference between “native” and 3rd party automations and how to evaluate them
– How to get started with a 3rd party automation and integration tool like Zapier
– How to connect lead sources such as Webforms and Calendly to your CRM
– How to prepare and send contracts in minutes
Liz will be demo-ing how to build a basic sales pipeline in Pipedrive; how to connect a customer form and scheduling tool with Pipedrive; and how tracking prospect data in a uniform way will enable you create fabulous contracts with the click of a button.

For demo purposes, Liz will be using Zapier, Pipedrive, Calendly, Jotform, and PandaDoc, but the principles will apply broadly to automation tools, CRMs and scheduling, form, and contracting software.

  Liz Peterson is the founder of Ops Designed, a Sales Process Design and Automation consultancy that helps small and emerging businesses create, document, and automate their sales processes using the Pipedrive CRM. Dubbed “The Efficiency Queen,” Liz has always been passionate about getting more done in less time while improving internal and external experiences. She founded Ops Designed after a decade of working in-house in nonprofit management and for B2B and B2C tech startups. Learn more at opsdesigned.com.

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