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Business Booster: “Prevention is the Best Medicine – How to Start & End Biz Relationships Without the Drama” w/ Renie Leakakos

Partnerships. Collaborations. Alliances. 

They can make or break your business, your finances, and your mental fortitude! Whether you’ve experienced a traumatic dissolution of a business relationship, or heard the scary stories, you have probably gathered that prevention is the best medicine if you want to avoid the drama. 

In this Business Booster, Hera Hub Carlsbad Entrepreneurial Law GURU Renie Leakakos and her partner Assly Sayyar will share the following 3 key learning points:

* How to identify problems when starting a business relationship
* A checklist of contracts and legal services to avoid the drama
* How to end a business relationship

They will illustrate how common problems can easily arise by presenting a business relationship from the beginning to the end, asking questions around the relationship, and presenting solutions.

Renie Leakakos, Esq. is the Managing Attorney of Leakakos Law, APC, a legal practice that supports entrepreneurs, small businesses, and emerging growth companies providing legal services from formation to funding. Assly Sayyar, Esq. is Of Counsel to the Firm and also runs her own successful practice. These “sister firms” were founded in 2002 and 2012 respectively, in the areas of Business Law & Formation, as well as Business Litigation. Learn more at LeakakosLaw.com. 

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