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Step into 2023 with crystal clear intentions, clarity around your goals, and a strategic action plan to be aligned with your deepest desires.

The mind is a powerful thing. We have the ability to leverage positive thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to help bring the things we want and need into reality. There is something to be said about “seeing is believing,” which is why vision boards can be so powerful when trying to make our professional and personal dreams come true.

Join Felena & Vanessa for a fun and creative virtual vision boarding session. We will walk you through the structure of a vision board and we’ll get started making your 2023 board to inspire success for the rest of the year!

Come back on Friday, January 13th at 11am PT to finish and share!
New to vision boards?

A vision board is a visualization tool that uses a combination of words and pictures that represent your goals and dreams. It is an amazing tool to help you manifest and bring in what you truly want in your life.

This workshop will be led by Felena Hanson (www.felena.com) and Vanessa Wilde (www.vanessaellewilde.com)


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