Megan Glover is the founder of Victoria Brett Creative, which is a creative company developed for those who want to express themselves stylistically, with Megan taking the lead to guide them in their true direction.

Megan had been in the beauty business for over 15 years when she left the salon world to start her own company.  She wanted to build a more personal relationship with her clients so she created a concierge service where she goes to her clients’ homes to style and color their hair.

Megan has also created a style re-invention program called Claim Your Beauty. She created this program to blend for both the inside and out and for those who want to dive deeper into true beauty for themselves. Claim Your Beauty utilizes HeartMath to interrupt, neutralize, reset and shift customers to help them find the right answer for their own style and beauty image.

Megan’s #UpandOver Tips:

  • Be aware that the transition between a 9-5 job to becoming an entrepreneur can be difficult.
  • Your intention needs to be strong to keep you moving forward.
  • Continue to look at your approaches to find what works.
  • Your clients are your best resource for your business.

Megan says “You do a lot to create an identity who may not be in line with who you actually are” and she sets out to help women find that alignment.

Listen to the video to also learn more about how Megan came up with the name for her business, her journey through HeartMath and how she helps people “claim their beauty.”