Emily Gorrie is a Sales Strategist & Trainer

Emily Gorrie is a Sales Strategist & Trainer who partners with CEOs and entrepreneurs to challenge their current way of thinking around selling and the sales process. She helps them clarify their objectives and intentions as well as develop strategic tools to create successful client interactions and to give their employees a path to success.

Emily began her career by spending several years successfully achieving annual sales quotas of $2 to $15 million in traditional and digital media channels serving billion dollar CPG, Retail, Technology, and E-Commerce companies and their agency teams.  Some notable accounts include Church & Dwight, Sabra Dipping Co, Edible Arrangements, and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Having spent the last 8 years selling for and to major corporations, she has become intimately familiar with corporate strategies that lead to successful growth and sales achievements. This level of growth is achieved through deep thinking and insights that identify how to properly connect with customers in order to communicate value and foster a relationship that goes beyond the close of a deal.

You may want to ask Emily questions related to:

  • I get flustered when people ask me what I do. How can I simplify my message (or ‘pitch’) when meeting new people?
  • I meet all these great people. How do I get them to buy my services?
  • There is really strong initial interest in my work, but I can’t seem to get people to make the investment in working with me. Why is that? What can I do to change that?
  • I want to hire someone to handle business development and sales. Where do I begin?
  • I keep getting rejected when I finally bring up the costs of my services.  How can I overcome these objections?
  • Instead of paying for my services, other business owners are recommending we trade our services.  How can I politely decline, but keep the door open to them paying for my services?
  • What is a sales cycle and why do I need to know about it?
  • How can I maximize my reach and sell my products/services efficiently?

Learn more about Emily or connect with her during her GURU hours.

Website: www.emvpconsulting.com
Email: emily@emvpconsulting.com