While Hera Hub membership offers a great deal of support through weekly Business Boosters, GURUs, and the Business Development Power Hour, we recognize that you may need additional assistance as you launch and grow your business.  Thus we have created “PLUS” programs to guide you through some of the most challenging parts of business building.

The PLUS programs can be added to any membership level and be leveraged on a one-time basis or monthly/ongoing basis. $99 per program (per month) will be added to your monthly membership.  It’s that simple!

Check with your Community Director for more details or to sign up for one of the PLUS programs.


Do I have a viable business concept?

Your director will walk you through all 16 aspects of a business framework to determine where you need to do more research or flesh out the concept more fully before deciding to move forward. The program includes a one-hour session with your Community Director (to lead you through the framework) and a follow-up meeting 3-4 weeks later, after you’ve had a chance to do your research.


How do I build a solid platform for my business?

You will have premium access to the StepsToStartup platform, which leads you through the 17 foundational steps to launching your business. This will be coupled with weekly check-ins with your Community Director to make sure you’re staying on track!

Financial Modeling

Does my business have the potential to make money?

Your Community Director will work with you to create solid financial projections for your business (one year) and work through potential financial models.

Goal Setting and Tracking

Do you need support to stay on track?

Could you use a sounding board to support you in business goal setting and staying on track? Work one-on-one with your Community Director to set monthly business goals and have someone to stay accountable to on a weekly basis.  This ensures you’re focused on the right things and that you’re making progress!  All the benefits of a business partner without the headache!  Utilize the TrackMyGoals.biz platform to make it fun!

Intern Support

Do you need an extra hand to expand your business?

Our intern sourcing and strategy program will help you identify the best places to find interns, give you a template to write an attractive description, a roadmap to effectively work with an intern and get the most out of the relationship.  This is a one-hour session with your Director, followed by a 15-minute check-in 4 weeks later – to ensure you have a solid action plan.

Pivot Support

Where do I go from here?

Are you at a crossroads in your business?  Not sure where to go next? Contemplating going back to a J-O-B or trying to find a business partner?  Meet one-on-one with your Community Director for a one-hour session to map out the pros and cons of your next step.  This will include one 15 minute check-in 4 weeks later.

Strategy Session with Felena

Want guidance from Felena to strategize and map your business launch or growth? This 45-minute one-on-one, in-person action session will support you in taking your business to the next level!