Sharon Strathman is a number nerd and actually enjoys whipping budgets and QuickBooks (or Wave or Xero or…) into place for business owners. Sharon specializes in increasing your profits, taking the surprises out of your books and putting the freedom back into business ownership. Her one clear path to growth and increased profits is specifically for business owners who want to spend their time in their zone of genius, not on deciphering accounting reports.

You may want to ask Sharon questions related to:

  • Where am I financially in my business?
  • What can help me reduce expenses?
  • What can help me increase my revenue?
  • How do I read my financial reports from my bookkeeping software?
  • How do I create a budget for my business?

Sharon is educated in accounting and tax preparation. She worked as a CFO in a nonprofit before starting my own business as a CFO for small businesses.

You can meet with Sharon or connect with her during her GURU hours every 2nd and 4th Tuesday 10-11am at Hera Hub Carlsbad. No appointment needed.

If you want to schedule a virtual appointment with Sharon just click HERE.

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Phone: (760) 517-6525