Have you ever kept track of how many decisions you make in a day? The answer may be shocking. Whether it’s deciding what to have for lunch, which podcast to listen to, or how to prepare for a life-changing business presentation, each day is filled with dozens of decisions to make. This is especially true when running your own business. 

Between day-to-day operations, meetings, client work, hiring and marketing – the pressure to make the right decisions as a leader can be overwhelming. Decision fatigue is defined as the deterioration in the quality of decision-making due to the amount of decisions a person makes on a regular basis. This is particularly troublesome for women leaders who may agonize over their decisions more than others.

More than ever, it’s important to have the community of other female entrepreneurs who understand the challenges that you face. It’s also a great opportunity to learn, exchange ideas and receive the much needed support that you may not otherwise receive. Have you ever witnessed an otherwise highly experienced and professional person make an irrational business decision? Perhaps the person has been you. 

Whether the decision is small or large, you want to be able to choose the best option with clarity. Some of the most common symptoms of decision fatigue include brain fog, procrastination, impulsivity, decision avoidance, and indecision. If you experience two or more of the above symptoms on a regular basis, it’s time for you to utilize some of the following tools in order to beat the likelihood of decision fatigue taking over your ability to own your day.

  1. Simplify Your Choices: Eating variations of a similar breakfast or having a go-to outfit or “work uniform” much like Steve Jobs and his signature black turtleneck and jeans are simple yet profound ways to streamline your actions. Doing so  will help save your energy for the bigger decisions of your day.
  2. Prioritize Big Decisions: For most of us, the best time of day to make accurate decisions is in the morning so it is good to develop a practice of planning your day accordingly the night before so that you can prioritize the big decisions at the beginning of your day. By the afternoon, your brain may already be overtaxed by decision making whether it’s taking care of parents, cooking for yourself or family, or helping your kids with their homework.
  3. Consider an Afternoon Nap: Different research studies have shown the positive impact of afternoon naps on one’s decision making and mental alertness including reduced stress, improved efficiency, cognitive functioning and overall health. Don’t feel guilty. If you’re able to take a mid-day rest, then do it, there’s no harm in trying this strategy for a few weeks to see if it works for you.
  4. Maintain a Healthy Diet: Making healthier food choices and limiting your intake of sugar can improve your energy levels and brain function throughout the day. Include healthy snacks like nuts and fruits, and try to eat mostly organic. Skipping meals leads to lower blood sugar levels, and altered blood pressure levels which are linked to mental fatigue, lack of sharpness, and poor decision making. Your brain needs a constant supply of good quality fuel to function properly, so it’s important to keep your brain and body nourished.

Remember that you are not alone. Millions of women are faced with the challenge of decision fatigue every single day. Need some support? Get in touch with Hera Hub and let us help you feel more seen, heard and connected professionally and personally. 

Keasha Lee Ince [EN -JAY] is a charismatic messaging mentor, copywriter, and content strategist with a focus in digital marketing and brand messaging. She enjoys the empirical, creative and psychological components of marketing. For Keasha, there’s nothing more powerful than evoking emotion through messaging, design, and intention. Two keys to her success have been her focus on building rapport and having integrity. There is an energy that’s palpable within branding and she enjoys implementing content strategy that optimizes customer attraction and conversion. If you’re seeking help with a new content strategy and enhanced messaging, learn more about Keasha at https://www.strikingstatements.com/.