Big Picture Results helps small business owners connect the dots between driving efficiency into daily operations and increasing long term profitability.  Hera Hub Carlsbad Owner Lisane Basquiat and Big Picture Results Founder and President, Jessica Hornbeck recently sat down to chat on the topic of “3 Must Do’s For Small Business Owners During This Economy.”


During this conversation, Jessica shares valuable recommendations for income-generating activities, ensuring client alignment with company values, and the importance of a company knowing its value. She also shares important tips to assess how your business is doing at any given time, and especially during the current economic landscape.

Jessica Hornbeck is a Hera Hub Carlsbad member and our Finance & Operations Consultant GURU.  She is available every second and fourth Thursday from 12-1pm for free one-on-one consultations. Some questions you can ask Jessica are:
– How can I streamline my business operations to spend more time working ON my business than IN my business?
– How do I make my business look more appealing to investors?
– How do I go from side hustle to scaling an organization?
– What are the key things I should consider as my business matures?
– How can I do more with less time?
– What are the sort of tasks I should delegate out? What tools can I employ that will assist me in delegation?

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We remain active during the COVID-19 crisis because small business owners need support now more than ever. On March 13th we, along with the global Hera Hub community, pivoted to an online platform to ensure our members had continued support throughout the pandemic. We are currently operating a hybrid (socially distant co-working) and a full roster of online programming.  Click here for more information on how you can join the Hera Hub Carlsbad Community.