Your Soul's Path to Freedom in Business - by Catherine Dietz

One of the main perks and priorities of owning your own business is feeling the freedom from having to work for someone else. But as most entrepreneurs discover, owning your own business doesn’t always feel freeing. 

This week, we’re going to talk about the close connection between your business and your soul’s calling, and how you can use this information to feed your soul and follow your path to more freedom.

For the purpose of this message, what I mean when I refer to your soul is this: Your soul is the Divine spark within you that gives you everything you need to live a life of freedom, love and joy. It’s the source of inspiration for what you truly desire and how you ‘show up’ in your life. 

Your Soul Is Always Calling You Forward

I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience – not the other way around. 

What the human part of us perceives as a challenge (such as creating a successful business), our soul sees as an opportunity to grow, evolve and expand, and to feel a connection with the life we’re creating. 

I also believe that our soul is continuously calling us forward to that better life and that we often need the challenges in order to grow and evolve. 

When we have a deep desire, our soul already knows and believes that what we ask for, we receive. But if we ask, and then don’t believe we can have it, then we’re getting what we believe…that we can’t have it. 

The late Dr. Wayne Dyer, self-help author and motivational speaker, used to say, “You’ll see it when you believe it”. This is much more empowering than the opposite and more commonly used version of, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Do you see the difference there? You might really, really want a successful business, but if you don’t believe you can actually have it, you’re standing in the way of seeing it happen. 

The Paradoxical Predicament of Human Nature

This paradoxical predicament is part of our human nature. Many of us (myself included) have a pattern of saying we want something, but then unintentionally sabotage ourselves by making up excuses as to why it’s not possible. 

These excuses keep us from believing in ourselves and our ability to make positive changes and create greater success.

And then, instead of feeling the freedom of listening to our soul’s calling, we feel the burden of trying to figure out what we’re “doing wrong”, which only exasperates the situation and makes us feel even worse. 

Your soul is specifically designed for YOU and is here to help you live your best life. If you’ve followed your soul’s calling to become an entrepreneur, and then unexpectedly find yourself struggling more than you ever thought possible, this creates a lot of unexpected stress. ‘Wait a minute, I thought I would feel more freedom, not more stress!

In response to this stress, rather than seeing our choices as fight, flight or freeze, we have the option to listen to our soul’s calling and be willing to use this opportunity for growth. We have an opportunity unlike any other to work through the layers of self-sabotaging patterns that are working against us rather than for us.

How to Listen to Your Soul’s Calling

So how do we do this? What can we do to heal this painful predicament? 

We can choose to nourish our soul. We can learn how to rediscover and honor our true self. We can learn how to get real with our feelings and speak up when we need guidance and support. 

We can learn how to love ourselves unconditionally so that no matter what happens, we still feel safe in our own skin. This is our birthright, and this is how our soul thrives!

The relationship you have with your business is an extremely significant relationship. But what’s even more significant is the relationship you have with yourSelf/your soul!

Your soul is the Perfect Divine Intelligence that makes up every atom of your being. It’s the same Power that holds the planets in space. It’s the same Intelligence that beats your heart, breathes your breath, digests your food…all without any direction from you.

It knows 100% without a doubt that you are worthy of being successful at whatever you set your heart and mind to. Are you ready to listen to its calling? 

Your Soul's Path to Freedom in Your Business by Catherine Dietz

Catherine Dietz is the founder of A Healthy Path to Love, a Licensed Heal Your Life®Coach, and an inspiring and empowering speaker. 

She specializes in guiding women on how to tap into the wisdom of their heart and gain the clarity, confidence, and courage to let go of self-sabotaging patterns and create a life they love living and relationships they love being in.

To learn more about Catherine’s soul-growth coaching services, and to take advantage of her special offer in October for her Love Yourself, Heal Your Life’ program, schedule your complimentary 20-minute Discovery Session to see if you’re a good fit by going to, or visit

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