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To see samples of previous guest posts from our members, check out the Hera Herald.

We invite our current Hera Hub members to submit a guest blog to be featured in our publication The Hera Herald. Thank you so much for deciding to be a guest blogger for Hera Hub! We value your business and believe in sharing tips and advice on a member to member level. Submission Guidelines: 1. Post should be no more than 400-600 words. Include links, if relevant, to articles on similar topics or as sources for points you are addressing. If you link to third-party sites, please ensure they are professional and appropriate. 2. Keep content light and succinct. 3. Create a great title for your article. Refer to past Hera Herald posts for examples of this. 4. Submission of a guest post does not guarantee publication. 5. We do not offer any monetary compensation for guest contributions. 6. Final Note: Though a great opportunity for exposure, this is not the forum for explicit self-promotion. Feel free to point readers in the direction of how to find you in your About section at the bottom of the post.
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