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“Great space to network and get your work done! I have young children at home so my home is a busy place. I look forward to going to Hera Hub every week to be able to really focus on my work. The environment is zen and tranquil yet energizing too. I feel relaxed and focused while I am there – the energy just feels good! I love the little touches – fresh coffee, flowers, fountains and lots of friendly faces. Also, it is a great place to meet other like minded entrepreneurial women.”
– Rose Harkins

“I can’t even think of the right words. I don’t know where I would be in my business if I did not become a member of Hera Hub. The friendships, support, sense of community, and teamwork are priceless.”
– Virginia Ruehrwein

“Fantastic place to get work done, or hold a meeting. I had a meeting at Hera Hub Carlsbad this morning with a new client, a frazzled young mother. She sat down in the well-appointed meeting room with a cup of fresh coffee, took a deep breath, looked around, and said “Oh my gosh, this feels like a day at the spa.” Hera Hub has created a beautiful and productive space for their members – AND their clients. Membership at Hera Hub has been a great benefit to me, and my care management business.” Amy Abrams

“Hera Hub is such a wonderful nurturing space that fit my Self-Nurturing Workshops perfectly. I also love having rooms to reserve to meet clients individually and the networking, professional development and sense of community have been remarkably supportive in my growing my business and being known in the community.”
– Kelley Grimes

“Hera Hub brings diverse and talented individuals together. By engaging with other women in business, I’ve grown my line of services and capabilities.”
– April Harter

“The environment is inviting, offers community, and creates optimum space (both quiet and spaciousness) to create at my highest level. I get a lot done because it is focused work, not scattered as when I work from my home office.”
– Candace Conradi

“Besides the practical resources to grow my business, Hera Hub has given me the faith and inspiration to keep going through the ups of downs… and along the way, made it more fun and joyful for me to be an entrepreneur.”
Vasi Huntalas

“As I’ve been building my creativity coaching practice and facilitating Artist’s Way workshops, it has been difficult to find suitable venues in central San Diego. I’ve encountered problems with limited parking, small room space, lack of refreshments, requirements to purchase many refreshments, etc. When I first saw Hera Hub Mission Valley I knew I had found a new home for my clients. All of the problems I’d had before with venues were solved, and the space was beautiful and comfortable, as well. Not only that, I discovered a vibrant, supportive community of women at Hera Hub. My clients and I have never been happier, and I imagine we will be enjoying the benefits of Hera Hub for a long time to come.” 
– Rachel Moore

“Walking into Hera Hub is like walking into a spa. My stress level immediately drops. The work spaces and meeting rooms are all beautiful, comfortable, and fully equipped for working or holding meetings. I especially appreciate the three locations, which provides space for me all over San Diego. I highly recommend Hera Hub for coworking space for women.”
– Lynn Fulks

“Hera Hub is a great place to take my virtual office. As someone who is self-employed, it’s important to get out of the home office and connect with other like-minded people. Hera Hub provides a tranquil environment to work, but also allows ample opportunity to build relationships. This workspace isn’t just about having another office or place to work… it’s also about networking, so be sure to meet other business owners. The space hasn’t been open for very long and I’m always happy to see women collaborating and connecting each time I visit.”
– Katie Skow

Fantastic place. Perfect for networking or small get-togethers. We had a “speed” networking meeting with vino and food and everything was terrific. Easy to get to and a lovely space. Sarah has it all worked out and made it very easy. Would be a great space to get work done for sure.. Love it and can’t wait for our next Network Meeting! – Valerie M

“This is a GORGEOUS, inviting, holistic, professional, classy and action/results-oriented haven perfect for collaboration, connection, inspiration and events. We did an evening event here and could not be more impressed with the quality of resources, attention to detail and overall positive vibe. GOOD THINGS are happening at Hera Hub.”
– Jill Blessing

“It is the space I would have provided for myself had my funds been unlimited. The workspace reflects the level of sophistication my customers and employees can expect from my business.”
– Jonna Overson

“The first time I visited Hera Hub, I came armed a whole day’s to-do list outlined. Two hours into my time there, I was done with EVERYTHING on that list! (At my home office, I would have felt good getting a quarter of those things done in a day!) And this has proved to be true each time I’ve been there: I’m more relaxed, more focused, more in-the-flow, more connected, and more productive when I’m working here. It’s like working in an office-spa-oasis…with really great office-mates! Thank you, Hera Hub!”
– Jeanell King

“Great place to collaborate and connect with amazing women! I also somehow manage to get lots of work done while I’m there as well…. must be the Feng Shui Spa like environment! :) Helps me focus!!!”
– Amanda Mineer

“I’m nearly two months into the launch of my PR consulting business, and I’m still not adjusted to working from home. Working at Hera Hub gives me functional workspace and “co-workers” who I enjoy being around! It’s important for me to stay connected with other professionals, and collaborate as much as possible. I’ve already met some fabulous women entrepreneurs at Hera Hub, and have made several connections that I’m confident will lead to new business leads over time (some already have!). If you haven’t stopped by yet, you really should.”
– Kim Richards

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“Hera Hub is a fantastic place to meet and brainstorm with like-minded business women. As a small business owner working from a home office, I often miss the daily connection with colleagues. Hera Hub fills that void – offering the knowledge and inspiration I need to keep moving forward. The seminars arranged by Felena Hanson have been incredibly beneficial. The last seminar – the Vision Board Workshop – wasn’t only inspirational for my business, but for my overall goals in life. Looking forward to the next event!
– Linda Wente

“I love Hera Hub! I must say, at first I thought this type of work space wasn’t for me. Might be too noisy. Too distracting. Too much hassle to get there. But I’ve been working from my home office experiencing all of these issues, and I miss collaboration and connection to other human beings. I’ve been trying to write a blog post for 5 weeks. In an hour and a half, not only did I finish my blog, I met another consultant who was dealing with some similar marketing issues. We briefly shared resources, and as a result, I got a referral to an intern who might be just the ticket. This is an amazing place to focus, clear your head, be inspired, work and collaborate. Felena, thanks for creating a space where business women have an alternative to working solo.”
– Kelly Dixon

“Hera Hub is such an amazing co-working space here in San Diego. It’s beautiful! I loved the atmosphere so much that I now work there part time when I need a break from my current office. Also can’t beat working alongside of other amazing women business owners. I HIGHLY recommend you check it out.”
– Christine McDannell

“This amazingly inspirational, tranquil and collaborative office space is exactly what I needed – from the convenient location to my new extended family; Hera Hub has created a culture that is more than merely a place to work – it is like coming home! Need a dose of inspiration – CHECK! Need to brainstorm – CHECK! Need private meeting and seminar space – CHECK! Love the Hub!”
– Melissa Murray

“My business has doubled in revenue since joining Hera Hub, and being part of the community has given me a sense of identity as an entrepreneur.”
Meredith Gronroos

“Hera Hub is a wonderful community as well as workspace. I recently taught a “Twitter for Business” workshop and was again impressed by the people I met. My first experience with the members was at the open house, where I found so many people willing to connect, network, and help each other. Kudos to Felena for being the kind of person to attract so much talent and for making a beautiful workspace and meeting venue. If it isn’t in a design magazine yet, it should be. Thanks, Felena!”
– Holly Kolman

“Great place to do business for independent consultants or ladies with home offices, great place to network with other fabulous women.”– Christy Pavano

This morning I didn’t think I had enough time to get to Hera Hub and back and be productive in the limited hours my sitter was available, so I went to the library. BIG MISTAKE. Wifi connection was totally unreliable, they looked at like deers in headlights when I asked them to check on it. Then, all of the kids of Scripps Ranch proceeded to enter in. Now, being a mom of 4 kids I LOVE KIDS, BUTTTTTTT, when I’m working, I need peace, quiet and productivity. Thought I was saving time and just ended up WASTING time. Argh. Next time, I will go straight to Hera Hub – no need to think twice about it.
– Stephanie Nivinskus

Hera Hub is so-So-SO much more than a co-working space.  It is a flourishing entrepreneurial ecosystem — a village pulsing with talent and heart.  In it, we thrive, in growing both our *businesses* and *ourselves* on this challenging and exciting entrepreneurial path.  Amidst the exquisite atmosphere of the space, we generously share knowledge and referrals, create new alliances, hire each other as service providers, listen with encouragement in the stuck points, be each other’s cheering fans. Like all healthy ecosystems, we are diverse — in age, culture, beliefs, type and stage of business.  We’ve got hot and sassy, to grounded and wise.  We’ve got web ninjas to wine makers, finance wizards to spiritual guides. Put yourself where you can be your best, ladies!  Once you step into Hera Hub, you’ll see that going it alone is crazy.  You’ll never look back.– Mary Tolena

“Hera Hub has been valuable to me beyond what I could have imagined when I first joined. It has provided me with an amazing workspace, effortless networking, and concrete business support resources. As a budding entrepreneur, joining Hera Hub is the best business decision I have made so far!

The workspace is nothing less than ideal. A relaxing, professional environment offers open group workspaces, quiet rooms, private meeting rooms and the comforts of a full kitchen. Aside from providing a comfortable, friendly work space outside my home, which I desperately needed; the women I have met have been indispensable resources when I have a question about just about anything. I do not identify myself as a “power networker” by any means, but the simple chats I might have with someone in the office kitchen, or with the person sitting at the table next to me got me “networking” without even realizing it.

Further, the access to Hera Hub “gurus” is an amazing value if you take advantage of it. I also attended a business development workshop that has helped get me un-stuck in some ways that would have taken me much longer to get past on my own.

I can’t say enough good things about my Hera Hub experience. If you are considering a membership, don’t hesitate a moment longer! You wont regret it!”

-Celenie Singley